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Digital Financial Services for “small entity” Credit Unions



For Immediate Release: October 7, 2015

Fairfax, VA: Today, FedComp, the leading provider of Core Data Solutions for “small entity” credit unions* for over 30 years is pleased to announce a partnership of three industry leaders to provide digital financial services for “small entity” Credit Unions.

The combined resources of FedComp, Ongoing Operations, a CUSO dedicated to providing affordable technology solutions and MoadBus, a US based international provider of mobile and internet banking to both large and small financial institutions, provides FedComp the ability to bring a full range of digital financial services at an affordable cost to the “small entity” Credit Unions leveraging on the extensive experience of MoadBus in serving unbanked and underbanked consumer segments worldwide. This represents an exciting breakthrough in the ability of small asset credit unions to provide increased banking functionality, a leveling of the playing field with the billion asset credit unions in technology, security, and most importantly – member services.

Many of the smaller asset Credit Unions do not currently have the capabilities or resources to offer their member’s financial services now considered basic banking functions. The team of Ongoing Operations, MoadBus and FedComp now can provide “small entity” Credit Unions with direct access to digital solutions to increase their commercial viability. As a group the “small entity” Credit Unions representing over 50% of all US credit unions. By moving the “small entity” Credit Unions into the 21st Century digital world, FedComp is providing the opportunity for growth in a sector of the industry that many considered to be headed for extinction.

The Credit Union industry was built on the backs of small, local institutions, and FedComp and its partners intend to reignite growth within the “small entity” Credit Unions*.

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*(those under $100,000,000 in assets)

About Moadbus: MoadBus Inc. is an innovative technology company, dedicated to providing scalable, advanced and cost effective business solutions to financial institutions worldwide. Founded in 2005, MoadBus is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with offices worldwide. In addition to its offices in the US, MoadBus has offices in Canada, Latin America and Asia. MoadBus believes in building a solid portfolio of products with a large sustainable customer base through quality solutions, unparalleled service and affordable pricing models.

About Ongoing Operations: Ongoing Operations, LLC is a multi-owned CUSO committed to providing
technology solutions to credit unions nationwide. Beyond offering a full-range of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, Ongoing Operations provides solutions for managed security, managed telecom, and a complete cloud platform featuring redundancy, security, accessibility, and great operational flexibility. Learn more at

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