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End of Life for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

After 7/14/2015 Microsoft will no longer support Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system.
This is the end of life (EOL) for this operating system.
Read More at Microsoft

FedComp is trying to identify our FedComp clients that will be affected by this change in order to help prepare for it. Please follow the instructions below to determine if you’re running Windows Server 2003.

Those FedComp clients who are running the Windows Server 2003 operating systems will receive further correspondence from us regarding the options you have to prepare for this change.

How to determine if your FedComp Server is running Windows Server 2003
(This must be performed on the FedComp Server PC/Desktop.)
Sign into the Windows desktop and follow these steps:

  1. Look at your Windows Start Button in the lower left hand corner.
    1. If it is shaped like an Orb, you do not have Windows Server 2003 and do not need to continue.
    2. If it is shaped like a rectangle with “Start” typed out, then continue.
    3. To bring up the “Run Window”, you can bring it up 2 ways.
      1. Hold down the Window Key on your keyboard and hit the “R” key
      2. Or, after clicking the Start Button, click on “Run”.
      3. A Run window will appear.
      4. In the text field, next to “Open,” type: winver
      5. Hit Ok
      6. An “About Windows” window will pop up.
  2. If it lists Windows Server 2003 or 2003 R2 then you will need to upgrade regardless of the editionwindows-server-standard



If you are running Windows Server 2003, then please send an email to Linsey Montgomery 
In the email, include the following information
Your credit union name
Your credit union data base number
If you are running Windows Server 2003
FedComp will send you additional information regarding the options you have as you prepare for this change.

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