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FedComp and Being Window 10 Ready


For Immediate Release: December 10, 2015

FedComp’s Platinum 2016 Core Data System is Window 10 Ready

Fairfax, VA, 10 December 2015: Today, FedComp, the leading provider of Core Data Solutions for “small entity” credit unions for over 30 years is pleased to announce the release of its newest core data processor system, Platinum 2016. FedComp core data processing systems has for over 30 years been the single largest data processing system in the United States for “small entity” credit unions.


In 1984 FedComp released its first digital core data processor. In early 2001, FedComp "Beta" tested its revolutionary core data processor which was compatible with the new Microsoft operating system. This was followed in April 2008 when FedComp released its new Platinum core data processing system. This system represented the most sophisticated system of its time incorporating power and processing capabilities necessary for the most complex credit union. Platinum 2016 raises the bar of performance by incorporating the current technologies required for the mobile banking needs of its 750 plus credit union clients.


FedComp’s Platinum 2016 provides its credit union clients a system which equip them to leverage smartphone mobility to expand their operations, achieve new efficiencies, gain new members, and improve internal processes. Whether through FedComp’s integrated mobile banking app, its back office processing capabilities, its data security and disaster recovery features or any of its other member-centric features, Platinum 2016 offers credit unions a turnkey solution that enables them to do what they do best, service their members.


In 2016 FedComp’s core data system, Platinum 2016, will represent a technologically advanced product tailored for “small entity” credit unions. The Platinum 2016 system was engineered for Microsoft’s Windows systems. It is fully compatible with the current generation of Microsoft’s systems, i.e. Windows 10. In addition to being Window 10 ready the core is also ready to provide FedComp’s 750 plus clients with smartphone solutions through a Mobility Suite of Solutions beginning with Mobile Data to Mobile Banking through Mobile Business features.


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