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Helping the West Virginia Credit Union League



For Immediate Release: 12 February, 2016


FedComp and the West Virginia Credit Union League Help “small entity” Credit Unions meet the Challenges of Mobile Data – Banking

Roll-Out of FedComp’s Blue Cloud Suite of Mobility Solutions to West Virginia credit unions will take place during the next three months.

Fairfax, VA. (12 February 2016) – FedComp and the West Virginia Credit Union League have for over 30 years been jointly working in support of West Virginia’s credit unions. Today, more than ever before, the challenges of providing “expanded services” to their members is inhibiting the “small entity” credit unions ability to serve. When mobile data and banking “cloud services” are out of reach to $200 million plus asset credit unions due to financial constraints, how can “small entity” credit unions compete in the market place?

FedComp has found a way via economies of scale and a larger market footprint to offer these services to the industry with its Blue Cloud Suite of Mobility Solutions. Affordability of mobile data with high security levels and disaster management features truly provide  “availability” anywhere, any time.  With the FedComp Blue Cloud Suite of Mobility Solutions, NCUA compliance plus Microsoft® office 2016 is now within reach for all “small entity” credit unions.

West Virginia’s “small entity” credit unions will have the benefit of providing cost effective mobile banking services to their members with features on par with billion dollar financial institutions. FedComp partnered with MoadBus to bring their international expertise in delivery mobile services to develop and under developed communities for the benefit of “small entity” credit unions. Their unique knowledge of members needs has led to the following features:

  • Embedded Apps
  • Mobile Device Encryption Security
  • Internet and Mobile Account Opening
  • Mobile Workforce for Staff
  • Internet and Mobile banking for Member

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