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Data Storage

  • Disaster Recovery program – turnkey solution to disaster recovery planning and execution

    Disaster Recovery Program-

    FedComp’s Disaster Recovery Program has been designed to provide you with a turnkey solution to disaster recovery planning and execution. This plan provides your credit union a number of tools that are crucial to disaster recovery and includes the following:

    • A toolkit and response plan guide to assist with creating and executing your formal plan. FedComp will electronically store a copy of your disaster recovery plan for safekeeping and immediate access in case of a disaster.
    • ODDS (Offsite Dynamic Data Storage) for daily backup storage of your credit union data.
    • Virtual File Cabinet – Document Imaging for digital storage of your reports and documents in the Platinum core.
    • Secure Password storage service.
    • Facilitate data archive and purge every 24 months.
    • Facilitate a minimum of two (2) scheduled plan tests per year.
    • Provide you with a complete list of FedComp credit unions in your state for possible temporary assistance if appropriate.

    Once notified of a disaster, FedComp support will restore your latest ODDS backup to your Credit Union Disaster Recovery laptop and adjust your EFT processing settings as needed. When you are ready to resume operations, we will restore the backup to your server and re-adjust your EFT processing settings.

  • ODDS (Offsite Dynamic Data Storage) – electronically send daily back-ups to FedComp Server

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