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Member Services

  • Branch Accounting – includes individual branch income/cost reports and member branch usage reports

    Branch Accounting

    Branch Accounting option allows the Credit Union to establish separate cost or accounting centers for each branch and main office.

    Reporting supports by branch or all branches for:

    • Member Reports
    • Share Reports
    • Loan Reports
    • Share and Loan Reports (example Share and Loan Trial Balance)
    • Transaction Reports
    • General Ledger Reports by Origination and/or Occurrence Branch
    • Custom Report Writer Option fields for Branch Name and Branch Number
    • Net Profit per branch can be tracked to arrive at the profit for the entire Credit Union.

  • Certificate Renewal Notices – print customizable notice for member to renew certificates

    Certificate Renewal Notices

    The Certificate Renewal Notices option allows the credit union to print notices of maturity and renewal for various certificate programs. This FedComp option includes three default formats for Certificate Renewal Notices, including a Truth-In-Savings ready notice.

    Certificate Renewal Notices area accessed through the Share Certificate Trial Balance screen in the FedComp software. Notices print on plain paper from any supported dot-matrix printer. Using a common text editor (MS-Word, Word-Perfect, DOS-Edit, etc.) credit unions can customize the language used in the notices to suit their specific needs.

    This is an easy to use option enabling the credit union to provide members with prompt notification of pending certificate maturities and renewals.

  • Check printing – laser, dot matrix or MICR; standard or customized

    Check printing

    The Check Writer Option saves you the work of manually typing the checks you issue.

    This option can be used with continuous-feed dot matrix or single-feed checks laser checks. FedComp standard checks are available from business form suppliers and have the information fields printed in the same common places. FedComp can provide standard check spacing instructions to your supplier, if needed. For an additional fee, FedComp can also customize your check formats for use with this feature.

    In addition to the Check Writer Option, FedComp offers the MICR check printing option. With this option, your checks will be printed on plain check stock paper and all information including routing number and account number will print on each check. A special printer is required for MICR check printing option.

  • Credit Card processing interface

    Credit Card Processing Integration

    The Credit Card integration option allows you to check a members current credit card balance, current available credit, last payment and process a credit card payment. Once a credit card payment from a member is received, your will be able to create a file to upload to the credit card processor for posting.

  • Debit Card Savings program – assist members in saving by rounding up all debit card transactions to the nearest dollar and automatically depositing  to a special share savings account

    Debit Card Savings Program

    The Debit Card Savings Program offers your members an automated savings plan. When a member enrolls in this plan, each debit card purchase is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the difference is transferred to a designated savings account.

    Example: Your member makes a debit card purchase at the drug store for $13.45. At the end of the business day, a posting will be run that will transfer .55 cents from their debit card account to the designated savings account.

  • Electronic Signature – automatic authorized signing of standard laser check

    Electronic Signature

    The Electronic Signature option is used in conjunction with the Laser Check Writer Option. A digital authorized signature is stored in the check files and will print on the check automatically. The authorized signature is captured on a signature pad and saved in an encrypted file.

  • E statement file export – an electronic file for E statement creation in the home banking environment

    E Statement File Export

    EStatement Export file option is used in conjunction with HomeCU interface. The core system spools a separate statement file for those members who opt out of paper statements. This file is then uploaded to the HomeCU system through the credit union administration site. The individual member statement is then available for viewing/download, in PDF format, from within the credit unions home banking.

    HomeCU EStatements are fully integrated with the HomeCU Internet banking system. This allows members to conduct all their activities in one place, without having to log into a separate system just to view and retrieve statements.

  • Holiday-skip-pay – enables member to skip a loan payment. Fees are automatically calculated and loan due dates are advanced

    Holiday Skip Pay

    The Holiday Skip Pay option enables credit unions to offer their members a Holiday Skip Payment program. In the past, taking on a skip a payment program meant adding skip ranges and removing them, charging fees manually, adjusting due dates, worrying about automatic postings applying payments during skip periods, etc., but now with FedComp's Holiday Skip Payment option, that process has been simplified.

  • Interactive Voice Response system with Home Cu (DMS) – real time – automated voice system for members to obtain account information

    Interactive Voice Response System

    The Interactive Voice Response system with HomeCU enables your members to obtain account information through an automated voice system.

  • iPay member bill pay (must have VirtualCU Teller and home banking option)

    iPay Member Bill Pay

    With your HomeCU package, you can add Electronic Bill Payment (EBP) through iPay. This feature allows your credit union to offer your members a lot of extra benefit without a lot of added cost or hassle. With EBP, your members can pay anyone, anytime. They can schedule future and recurring payments. And because the funds are deducted directly from their credit union account, they never have to write a check or lick a stamp.

  • Safe and Simple statement processing interface – with our partner FedComp Supply – produce a member statement file for statement printing by FedComp Supply

    Safe & Simple Statement Processing Interface

    The Safe & Simple Statement Interface enables your credit union to create a statement export file for statement printing by FedComp Supply. You set all of your statement parameters, like beginning and end date, account types to include, etc. After the statement files are generated, a "Statement Summary Report" will preview to the screen for your review. You then can export this file to FedComp Supply and they will process member statements and mail to the member.

  • Shared branching interface – your members can complete transactions at participating services branches

    Shared Branching

    FedComp's Shared Branching Option brings FedComp users in-person Service Nationwide in a Real-Time environment. Because you care about convenience, FedComp has established the ability to network your members to receive the same in-office services that their Credit Union offers, through a "shared branch" or service center network. FedComp is currently certified for shared-branching interfaces through both SCI and CUSC, the Nation's leading service center networks!

    Shared Branching Services Include:

    • Account transfers
    • Check cashing
    • Deposits and withdrawals
    • Loan payments
    • Money Orders
    • Travelers Checks

    Any FedComp customer can add the Shared Branching Option to its system (Junior FedComp users will have to upgrade to FedComp Single or Plus). In addition, there are preliminary arrangements a credit union must make to prepare for the upgrade, such as selecting the clearinghouse, purchasing the hardware, establishing the appropriate communications module(s), acquiring and installing any appropriate server hardware/software to secure your member's data, and setting appropriate member use fees and policies.

  • Thermal Receipt printing – print small thermal receipt for member

    Thermal Receipt Printing

    The Thermal Receipt printing option enables your credit union to produce a digitally printed on thermal paper for your members. This receipt is much smaller than printing on plain paper – no more wasting an 8.5" X 11" paper for a receipt. Thermal printers are much smaller, lighter and consume less power than a dot matrix or laser printer.

  • Virtual ID – member identification and electronic signature capture

    Virtual ID

    Fraud, forgery and Identity Theft are everyday threats to you and your members. Do you really remember the appearance of each signature? What do your members look like? Does your staff really ask for ID from every person? Do you validate that ID?

    Now you can add to your risk management arsenal another new and exciting feature from FedComp: Virtual ID.

    Virtual ID is a powerful software tool that allows you to scan and store in the FedComp system a photograph of your member and a sample signature or ID. With one discrete click you can instantly display the images while you complete the member’s request, providing for immediate visual, signature, and ID verification*…even Patriot Act support is enhanced with this instant validation.

    Virtual ID is fully integrated in FedComp-TNG and is compatible with most Microsoft Certified scanners and web cameras.

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