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  • Asset Liability Management (ALM) – export for Brick and Associates ALM product

    Asset Liability Management (ALM)

    For credit union managers that are short staffed or going through a transitional period, running asset liability reports can be time consuming. Brick & Associates can assist you with developing, testing and implementing various risk reducing, income enhancing strategies. The ALM export option will allow you to import your FedComp data into the CU/ALM-ware System. The CU/ALM-ware® System is the analytical tool used by clients of Brick & Associates to monitor and control interest rate risk and to test ALM strategies prior to implementation.

  • Bank Reconciliation – balance G/L cash account to bank statements

    Bank Reconciliation

    FedComp’s Bank Reconciliation Option is used to assist you in reconciling the monthly bank statement. The option uses what the system already knows about the amount and number of each check written to reduce the chore of balancing the statement. This is a big time saver for credit unions that write a lot of checks.

    To perform the reconciliation, you complete the following:

    • Enter or edit outstanding checks.
    • Enter the check numbers for the checks that have not yet cleared the bank, but show on the credit union's books.
    • Enter or edit deposits on the credit union's books, but not on bank records.
    • Enter the deposits that show on the credit union's books, but are not on the bank statement.
    • Enter or edit additions on bank records, but not on credit union books.
    • Enter the additions, such as interest, which are on the bank statement, but are not entered in the credit union's books.
    • Enter or edit deductions on bank records, but not on credit union books.
    • Enter the deductions, such as any fees, which are on the bank statement, but are not on the credit union's books.
    • Print the Check Reconciliation. This step compiles all of the information and prints the check reconciliation in an easy-to-read format.

  • Budgeting – track credit union income and expenses month-to-month or future years


    Are the credit union's income and expense figures in line with what you expected? Once you have given the FedComp Budgeting Option your month-by-month budget expectations, it will measure how close you have come in actual operating dollars.

    You may keep track of as many income and expense general ledger accounts as you wish. You will have current month and year-to-date figures (and percentages) available. Breakdowns by general ledger account number will be shown, along with total income, total expenses, and net income figures.

    You may also use this option to track general ledger accounts other than income and expenses. For instance, you could use it to report on undivided earnings.

    When you are ready to generate a report, you will need to enter the general ledger account(s) for which you wish to base the report. Next, you will complete month-by-month budget fields with what you expect your income or expenses to total in each of the areas. Then you are ready to print the report. "Current month" and "year-to-date" comparisons are shown as both total and percentages. Breakdowns by general ledger account number are shown, along with income, expenses, and net income figures.

  • Comparative Financial statements – for comparison of credit union financial statements for any given time period

    Comparative Financial Statement

    The Comparative Financial Statement option provides you with a snapshot of your credit unions financial status at any point in time. This financial statement compares current month to last month status as well as current month/year to the same time last year. The information is sorted by G/L account number and G/L name and then compared to current budget.


  • Custom Report Writer – access hundreds of member data fields to create custom reports

    Custom Report Writer

    FedComp’s Report Writer Option allows you to access the enormous pool of information you have gathered on your members, and arrange it in ways that can help you grow and market your credit union. In addition, if you are a credit union that makes a large number of loans to its members, the Report Writer Option can make that process easier.

    You can draw on up to 70 different FedComp information fields to customize reports about your credit union. Do you want to increase the number of Christmas Club accounts? Create a report of all your members who do not have Christmas Club accounts, and send them a mailing. By targeting your membership for specific areas of interest (by age, time when loans are paid off, or past activity), you can create effective marketing campaigns with little cost or effort.

    Other important uses of Report Writer include gathering specialized information on members to meet CUNA information requests. For credit unions with accrual based accounts, Report Writer can be used to determine accruing interest receivables on loans. Once a report has been created, it can be copied directly to disk, or printed.

    Some of the headings Report Writer can pull into its reports are:

    • Account Number
    • Member Name
    • ID Number
    • Address Line 1
    • Address Line 2
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP
    • SSN
    • Birth Date
    • Date Joined
    • MISC 1-6
    • Date Acct. Closed
    • Payroll Amount
    • Company Code
    • Number of Payments
    • Date of Loan
    • Payments Left
    • Partial Payments
    • Interest Due
    • Next Payment Date
    • Loan Payoff
    • Warning Information
    • Share Type
    • Available Shares

    These are only a portion of the 70 headings Report Writer can access. Also, once a report has been designed, its format can be saved for repeated use. Each report can contain up to 12 different information headings, and up to 30 different report formats can be saved for retrieval.

    In addition, Report Writer lets you print the results in report, label, or comma delimited file that can be imported into Excel or used for mail merge.


  • Dormant Account Notices – generate letters informing members when their accounts have reached dormant status due to no transactional activity

    Dormant Account Notices

    The Dormant account notice option enables you to generate notices or letters informing members when their accounts have reached a dormant status due to no transactional activity.

    Notices will print 3 to a page and Letters can be printed on Letterhead or plain paper.


  • Electronic Signature – automatic authorized signing of standard laser check

    Electronic Signature

    The Electronic Signature option is used in conjunction with the Laser Check Writer Option. A digital authorized signature is stored in the check files and will print on the check automatically. The authorized signature is captured on a signature pad and saved in an encrypted file.

  • Enhanced IRA – track current/previous year deposits, beneficiary transfers and rollovers

    Enhanced IRA

    This option tracks the total contributions per member per year and tests the deposit attempt against the current IRS contribution rules.

  • NCUA 5300 Call Report export – export data directly to NCUA quarterly call report

    NCUA 5300 Export

    As with all FedComp features, the flexibility of TNG enables our clients to define the specific general ledger accounts that make up the specific call report lines. Calculated values such as Average Assets and Delinquent loan values are also managed automatically within the option. TNG has an area for the initial set up process to identify the General Ledger accounts used by your Credit Union as they relate to the 5300 report data fields.

  • Safe and Simple statement processing interface – with our partner FedComp Supply – produce a member statement file for statement printing by FedComp Supply

    Safe & Simple Statement Processing Interface

    The Safe & Simple Statement Interface enables your credit union to create a statement export file for statement printing by FedComp Supply. You set all of your statement parameters, like beginning and end date, account types to include, etc. After the statement files are generated, a “Statement Summary Report” will preview to the screen for your review. You then can export this file to FedComp Supply and they will process member statements and mail to the member.

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