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Support Eligibility

Technical support is available to all customers who have a license for FedComp Platinum software beginning on the date specified in the annual billing. When you contact FedComp Technical Support, you may be required to provide information such as your contact name, FedComp Customer number, Credit Union name, and any other information that identifies you as a FedComp software customer. Failure to provide this information might preclude FedComp Technical Support from taking action on your issue.

Support is provided for each release up to one year after the release date or until the next release with a new or updated regulation imposed by NCUA or CUNA is available, whichever comes first.

Support Cost

There is no additional charge for technical support. Support of our software is considered a part of the license agreement. However, the exact terms for technical support services are specified in your license agreement.

Support Hours

Customer support including phone, website, and email support services are offered during normal operating hours, Monday through Friday 8:30am – 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Limited Phone Support is offered 24/7 outside of normal operating hours.

You may reach support at

Phone: 800-283-3326 option 5


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