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Unfortunately for Windows 8….

Microsoft gives users 10 years of support for every system that they release, so anyone on Windows 7 is good until 2020.  Unfortunately for Windows 8, that is NOT the case.  About a year after Windows 8 was released, the user outcry over the loss of several “beloved” features (most notably the start button) prompted Microsoft to come out with Windows 8.1.  Microsoft considers this to be a service pack for Windows 8, so it requires users to upgrade within 2 years to continue receiving new security patches. 

Because of this, any users of Windows 8 that have not updated to 8.1 will be unable to get new patches after January 2016.  Windows 8.1 is different than most service packs because you must go to the “Windows Store” to get it.  Updating to 8.1 is free (unless you are using a Volume License for Windows 8 Enterprise). 

After updating to 8.1, users will have support until 2023.  Of course, the other option would be to upgrade to Windows 10, but we know that the Windows 10 upgrade is not always as smooth as Microsoft would like us to believe.

If you are still running Windows 8, make sure that you perform this update ASAP.  If you are unsure if you are 8 or 8.1, there are two easy ways to determine this:

  1. Go to System under Control Panel>System and Security and it will show you the “Windows Edition”. 
  2. Look for a start button.  If it has it, you should be on 8.1.  If you have to bring your mouse down to the lower left to see an icon of the “Metro” layout, then they are running Windows 8.

By Mike Shiner  Posted January 08, 2016



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